Why Target New Movers Using our Mailing List

Over 35 million Americans move each year using everything from professional movers to old station wagons. Land of the Free, Home of the New Movers Businesses of all kinds – dentists, restaurants, doctors, insurance, dry cleaners, veterinarians, home improvement, lawn care, churches, and more – can benefit from using our new movers marketing mailing list … Read more

The Value of Direct Mail Marketing

While many landscaping companies get the majority of their new business from word of mouth, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t fool with having an integrated marketing plan in order to find new customers. Direct mail marketing may work well for you, and can be done at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. The … Read more

Our Mailing List Becomes a Free Online Campaign

Online for the price of Online In the age of Digital Marketing, how can you turn our affordable Mailing Lists into an effective online campaign as well as an offline one? Every business is always looking to grow and find new customers. Your business is no exception. The answer is simple – Marketing Marketing Marketing.You … Read more

Targeting Audience with Direct Mail

Direct Mail Who? From time to time we get a sneer when we bring up the idea of Direct Mail to a person we’re having a conversation with. Comments range from “Does anybody still read that stuff?” to “Aren’t postage rates outrageous?” The simple answer is – it works great if you’re doing it right. … Read more

Direct Mail Increase Sales for Retailers

Direct Mail, often seen as antiquated by the now extensive online access to information, still has broad value to shoppers because of the large number of purchasing decisions made at home, according to a new study. It shows that Direct Mail can increase sales. The study from PebblePost, a firm that applies programmatic buying to … Read more

Direct Mail – Mission Possible

Our mission is simple; to provide our clients with the right tools to help grow their businesses. Help us help you We understand how hard it is to find consumers who can use your products and services.  So let us take care of the hard part. Homeowners Marketing Services is the #1 compiler of New … Read more