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This format allows you to benefit the speed of electronic delivery while easily printing labels for mailing your direct mail piece quick and easy. Let us explain: your goal is to reach your target audience first, before your competitor has the chance to mail them an offer. In order to make sure you’re “first to market”, it makes sense to have us email your list to you, as soon as it’s compiled. This means you have it in your hands, within minutes of the information being available to us.
Yet, most customers love the ease of having labels they can simply peel and stick on an envelope or postcard and mail it away.

This is where the “print-at-home” format comes “to the rescue” – you get it “hot off the oven” and simply print it using your home or business printer, directly onto sheets of Avery 5160 labels which this format is accurately adjusted for. We provide the sheets at no cost to you.

If you choose to print your own labels, using standard Avery 5160 Label Sheets, you will receive your list in a RTF formated file. This is to say, that just like our RTF-formatted list (which is not label-print-ready), this (print-at-home) format, is a binary file which requires an application to open, render and print. On PC (Windows) you can use the “wordpad” application which ships with Windows, to open the print-at-home format, so it’s available right out of the box at no cost to you. On a Mac, you can use the “TextEdit” application, also provided as part of the Operating System and therefore free.

Then, using your printer, you’ll be able to print them on standard Avery 5160 labels.

You can see in this scanned sample, what the result looks like.

NOTE – If you prefer to receive your list already printed on mail ready labels, and willing to wait the few days it takes the USPS to deliver those pre-printed labels to your home or business, then check out our Pre-Printed Labels format instead.