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Excel formatted list is a popular electronic delivery among small businesses and clients who do their own mailing & marketing. It is a binary format, which is to say, it requires the Microsoft Excel application (PC or Mac) which part of the Microsoft Office Suite (or Microsoft Office 365).
If you don’t own (have license) for Microsoft Office (or Excel as a standalone app), consider using Microsoft’s free Excel Mobile app from their app-store as unfortunately Microsoft has retired their Excel Viewer App for PC.

You can also open it using Google Sheets, which is very easy if your email is hosted by Gmail, as clicking on the attached file which we’ll send you, will allow you to open it in Google Sheets (in the cloud) and process it there.

Once you have chosen Excel List Format as your desirable electronic delivery format, you will receive the file as soon as we compile your list, which further helps you reach your targeted leads faster than your competitors.

Fields available in our New Homeowners Excel List Format

The fields in bold font are not standard and will be provided only if you request them in your delivery (customization).