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Avery Labels How-To

This page is for anyone who is receiving the lead list in the “Avery 5160” format intended for print-at-home.

This means, you get your leads electronically, via email, but in a format that is designed for one purpose only – to be printed on Avery 5160 sheets. You can read more here, if you’re not sure if this is the list format you are receiving.

This How-To guide, requires the following:

  • You receive our list in the Avery 5160 label format
  • You have a computer with Microsoft word application (for Mac or PC) installed
  • You have a printer connected to your computer, it can be any kind of printer (laser, ink etc.) as long as it can hold 8×11 (letter) size paper
  • You have Avery 5160 sheets available for printing

Using Microsoft Office (Word) XP-2003

This how-to guide is written using Microsoft word circa Office 2003. Office XP (which preceded it) and Office 2003 have similar look and feel and if you are using one of these old versions, you should refer to this guide, so that the screenshot included will fit the application you are using.


Using Microsoft Office (Word) 2007 and above

This how-to guide is written using Microsoft Word 2007. While office suites since then (2010, 2016) have changed somewhat, the contents of the menus is still consistent and even if you are using one of the latest iterations of Microsoft Word, you will be able to “match” the screenshots shown in this guide, to what you see on the screen.