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Text Format, also known as “Fixed Width Format”, is an alternative to the Comma Separated Value Format. While both formats use simple characters (text, ASCII), which means it can be opened by any text editor (like notepad on PC), they differ in that Fixed Width forces each line (record) be of same length, further more, each field (value) is conformed to a pre-determined length.
For example – John Q who lives in 123 main st. in FL would show as such in a CSV file: “John Q”,”123 main st.”,”FL” it may look like this in a text file:
John Q 123 main st. FL
(and we say “may” b/c the amount of free space you see between values, is subject to the specification of that file – it is usually derived from the maximum length one expects for each possible value.

Here’s what a text value looks like across multiple lines – you can see how the “fixed width” aspect of each field leads to a “nicely streamlined” and “organized” visual…

…but it’s not the visual we aim for in this format, it is computer parsing. This format is a favorite of big data mills (like the ones you see in big credit rating agencies who process millions of records every day), as the computers only need to “count steps” (or characters) to know where each field (value) begins and ends, there are no confusions.
All this to say: if you are going to process your own list – you probably do NOT want to pick this format, as it involves programming and is not label-print friendly.

Fields available in our New Homeowners Text List Format

The fields in bold font are not standard and will be provided only if you request them in your delivery (customization).