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100% Guaranteed vs. 100% Deliverable

We strive to provide you with the best product, and spare no expense to enforce industry’s highest quality control standards.

Our commitment: At least 93% of all names supplied to you are deliverable (deliverable means they will get to their destination).

Don’t believe others who promise 100% deliverable lists. There is no such thing. Anyone who promises 100% deliverable list is out to defraud you.Here are a few reasons why they are not telling you the truth:

* If they replace any names you bought and complained about, with new names, they are simply giving you more bad names. All that does is cost you more in mailing. Eventually you’re just losing more money over trying their so called “100%” guarantee

* If you use bulk; standard mail (NOT first class) the USPS will NOT return to sender any mail that failed to deliver. As result of that you will be happy thinking all your mail is arriving at its destination while it actually doesn’t. Reality will be far worse.
What makes the difference in our list is that we are a compiler. That means we gather the data from counties across the nation, every week and key in the data directly from the home deed of sale. In most states this data is not electronically kept and so we have to pay people to type the data into electronic form. This process is tedious, costly and this is why most list sellers will not share with you they don’t do it themselves.

Not having the most fresh data can be detrimental to both your business and your marketing budget – you’re paying to mail offers to consumers who have already gotten other offers, likely from other businesses like yours because those businesses have purchased from a compiler who had that data first.

In closing, it is not possible to guarantee each mailing address will be delivered successfully. 100% success simply doesn’t exist. Just like you may type an email address wrong sometimes and fail to send the email, mistakes happen in mailing addresses, be it accurate name, or sometimes a unit number – but the bottom line – there ain’t no 100% success.

With our 46 years of experience we have it down to a science. We know how to best “clean” the data and make it as deliverable as possible. Then, with that in mind, we are willing to guarantee 93% deliverability over time.

That is our promise to you. Please direct any questions to our experts by calling (888) 888-5557 at your earliest convenience.

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