Why Target New Movers Using our Mailing List

Over 35 million Americans move each year using everything from professional movers to old station wagons.

Land of the Free, Home of the New Movers

Every year, millions of Americans relocate

Businesses of all kinds – dentists, restaurants, doctors, insurance, dry cleaners, veterinarians, home improvement, lawn care, churches, and more – can benefit from using our new movers marketing mailing list executing affordable direct mail campaigns.

Sales related to relocation make a huge part of our economy and thus, approaching New Movers at the right time – the time of their move – makes a huge difference in your ability to get their business and win their loyalty. Using our New Movers Mailing List to reach them is the most affordable and effective marketing tool to increase your sales.

How Far New Movers Relocate ?

Moving to a new home doesn’t always mean moving very far, though. Most movers never even leave their own county, let alone their own state. Here’s a breakdown:

  • 62% of movers in 2017 remained in the same county after their move.
  • 34% of movers relocated to a different county (including same-state and different-state moves).
  • 4% of the moving population came from abroad.

Why do New Movers … well… Move…

When one moves to a new city, one of the first questions one tends to ask is – WHY ?
Do we move for work? Do we move to be closer to family? Do we move to get away from family? The reasons are endless.

Here are the top reasons people choose to move according to the most recent census data:

top 12 reasons for new movers relocating
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Who Moves More Often: Owners or Renters?

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that renters hop from place to place a bit more often than owners. Leases only last so long and if you’re stuck in an apartment next to an aspiring accordion artist, you might not have too much incentive to renew.

Even though most renters don’t intend to stay in their apartments or homes for long, their moving rate has steadily declined over the last thirty years.6 Take a look at the numbers:

  • Only 21.7% of renters moved in 2017, compared to the 35.2% of renters who moved in 1988 when these numbers were first being tracked.
  • Owners are also staying put for longer periods of time. In 2017, only 5.5% of owners moved, while 1988 experienced an owner-mover rate almost twice as high at 9.5%.

New Movers – Great Audience For Your Business

If you want to unlock the power of this audience, and reach millions of Americans at the time of relocation, or just reach the few thousands moving near your area of business, call us today.

Let our Direct Mail Marketing experts help you tailor a mailing list that is right for your type of business and match you with the right target audience at a price point that is cheaper than what it costs to advertise on digital media and is far more effective.


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