CEDIA Live Video Coverage

CEDIA 2014 is an amazing show. It is exciting to witness new technologies roll out, benefiting consumers who can automate their homes, control them remotely and make their lives easier. We enjoy talking to all these professionals (or “gadget geeks” in terms of endearment), teaching them how to reach the perfect audience; New Homeowners, who … Read more

New Movers Survey – USA

Epsilon, a data firm, recently released the results of the 2015 New Mover Report, which looks at consumers’ reasons for moving and associated purchase behaviors. The custom research surveyed 963 households that had recently moved to uncover several themes essential to every marketer’s strategic plan to target new movers. Past research has shown that a … Read more

Tips for a Successful Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Direct Mail Works … For YOU! According to the USPS (United States Postal Service), back in 2006 over 213 billion (with a “B”) were processed and delivered. We all get mail in our inbox, just like we do email. According to recent statistics, Direct Mail is getting much love from marketers, simply because despite of … Read more