Small Business Direct Marketing That Works

A successful business is one that has a marketing plan that works. Contrary to popular opinion, the successful marketing plan does not require multi-million dollar ad campaigns or high powered publicity blitzes. What is required is a new way of advertising to help your business grow. Marketing to New Homeowners has always been a positive … Read more

Why Targeted Direct Mail Marketing Still Works

Does Direct Mail Marketing Work? The dawn of the internet has introduced many great, innovative ways of reaching new customers for small and large businesses, alike. Electronic mail, one of the major communication avenues online, is a great marketing tool for many businesses, but it still has its limitations when it comes down to reaching … Read more

CEDIA Live Video Coverage

CEDIA 2014 is an amazing show. It is exciting to witness new technologies roll out, benefiting consumers who can automate their homes, control them remotely and make their lives easier. We enjoy talking to all these professionals (or “gadget geeks” in terms of endearment), teaching them how to reach the perfect audience; New Homeowners, who … Read more

Direct Mail Preferred Over Email: Reputable Survey Finds

A recently published article in the Huffington Post claims that despite the prevalence of email and digital marketing and the stigma of junk mail. Ir relies on a recent study which finds that consumers still prefer direct mail when it comes to marketing messages. Direct Mail Marketing Preferences The study, “The Formula for Success: Preference … Read more

Direct Mail Marketing – Advice for Small Business

If your business is sending out flyers, postcards or letters to targeted lists such as our New Homeowners list, it is critical to remember that integrating Direct Mail with Online Channels (like Social Media) can highly increase your results and get more customers out of your efforts. Direct Mail – Is It Really Dead? Not … Read more

USPS Now Emails You Pictures of Your Mail

Snail mail gets a digital upgrade. In hopes of making snail mail more convenient, the U.S. Postal Service will begin emailing customers pictures of their mail every morning, the USPS announced Monday. The free Informed Delivery service will snap pictures of the exterior of letters and send them in an email so customers can know … Read more

New Movers Survey – USA

Epsilon, a data firm, recently released the results of the 2015 New Mover Report, which looks at consumers’ reasons for moving and associated purchase behaviors. The custom research surveyed 963 households that had recently moved to uncover several themes essential to every marketer’s strategic plan to target new movers. Past research has shown that a … Read more

Most Common And Costliest Homeowner Claims

If you’re an insurance agent, selling quality insurance products to homeowners, movers and renters – you must be asking yourself – is the statistic I “got a feel for” really the big picture of what insurance concerns trouble my target audience. So while you are dialing Homeowners Marketing Services to get in front of these … Read more

Grow Your Sales with Affordable Direct Mail

Did you need that one little nudge to make up your mind and start mailing New Homeowners so your business can grow its sales and bring in new customers who just moved in from at least 10-15 miles away and don’t know your business yet?Well, that nudge comes courtesy of the United States Postal Service, … Read more

Small and New Businesses – Who Do You Trust?

A recent study done by Alignable – a small business social network, shows which companies, service providers and ultimately, products, are on Small Business owners minds and who they think helps them expand their brand recognition and their relationships nurtured. These results make you question and re-evaluate how businesses, specifically small and new businesses, build … Read more