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A recent study done by Alignable – a small business social network, shows which companies, service providers and ultimately, products, are on Small Business owners minds and who they think helps them expand their brand recognition and their relationships nurtured.

Brands Small Businesses Trust – Infographic
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These results make you question and re-evaluate how businesses, specifically small and new businesses, build their “world view” of worthiness – who and what products are providing them good value and a worthy return on their investment, where many a times the investment is their time spent on getting to know and use new products and services, even some which are offered for free under fremium models or limited time free trials etc. One of the most precious resources a new / small business has is time, therefore looking at products and brand they trust, sometimes more so products and services offered for free – means a lot in terms of knowing how your business should market (how to tell the story of) your own product or service offering, in way that makes it worthy for other businesses to stop their daily rat race and give your products and services a thought, much less their time or financial commitment.

Report Highlights:

More About the Data:

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Telemarketing - Call Center People at Work
Business Telemarketing Lists – Call Center People at Work

Thanks for reading this post. If you want to get the full report in printable format, you can download the PDF infographic from Alignable (on AWS)