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Does Direct Mail Marketing Work?

The dawn of the internet has introduced many great, innovative ways of reaching new customers for small and large businesses, alike. Electronic mail, one of the major communication avenues online, is a great marketing tool for many businesses, but it still has its limitations when it comes down to reaching the best potential customers for your business.

Direct Marketing
Direct Marketing

Here at Homeowners Marketing Services, we strongly believe that the best audience to market to are New Homeowners. As these families move into their new neighborhoods, they will immediately begin looking for local businesses to do business with.

We’ve been in business for over 40 years while simply focusing on this one demographic. From our experience in connecting businesses to new customers, we’ve found that there is only one form of marketing that works for this highly-profitable niche: Targeted Direct Mail Marketing.

Building the Best Mailing List

While there are several quick and cheap e-mail marketing services out there, they still depend on a list of e-mail addresses. Buying an accurate e-mail list is hard enough, as this HubSpot article explains, but finding an e-mail list that is both accurate and up-to-date is much more difficult.

E-mail addresses don’t change when you move, so online marketers have a difficult time trying to separate new movers from people that have lived in their neighborhood for a while. The online marketing side is generally dependent on the consumer to announce where they are now moving to, which can easily lead to delayed information for online marketers.  This type of information acquisition does not lend itself well to New Homeowners marketing; by the time online marketers tag someone as a new mover, that person may have already found businesses that meet their needs.

While e-mail lists depend on new homeowners declaring their e-mail address (something they are not obligated to do), targeted direct mail lists are updated with information coming directly from the government. For example, here at Homeowners Marketing Services, we update our mailing lists using new deeds that the County Recorder’s Office sends us every day. Therefore, keeping our direct mail list accurate is easy because we know what house was sold and exactly who it was sold to.

Making a Noticeable First Impression

Let’s consider the initial presentation of a mail-piece versus that of an e-mail sent by the fake moving company, Acme Moving Corp. By initial presentation, we mean the moment the receiver is aware of the message’s existence, before they even begin to read it.

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E-mail Messages: One among many.
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E-mail has one tool to gain a reader’s attention: its Subject line. If you can’t create a compelling subject, chances are someone who’s receiving a lot of e-mail, including from your competitors, will mark your message for deletion before they even read your message. Maybe the reader can see the first line or two of your message, but that all depends on the reader’s email service.

Direct Mail Marketing - Postcard Mock Up
Direct Mail Marketing: simple & eye catching

A physical mail piece, on the other hand, can’t be ignored as easily. As something that takes up room in the receiver’s mailbox or on their front door, there is an extremely high chance that the receiver will at least take a glance at a physical mail piece. Whether it’s a postcard, letter, or flyer, a mail piece can have many design elements that will catch the reader’s attention more easily than a simple line of text.

Direct Mail Marketing – In Closing

Simply put, e-mail marketing just isn’t the best approach to reach new homeowners. Online marketing, surprisingly, is not fast and/or accurate enough to reach this specific group of potential customers. From our past experience using e-mail marketing, there simply don’t exist any good New Homeowners E-mail lists.

There is no marketing service that will reach new homeowners 100% of the time, but targeted direct mail still proves to be the only effective marketing service for this audience. Using targeted direct mail, your advertisement has better chances of reaching someone genuinely interested in your services at the time they need it most.

Here at Homeowners Marketing Services, we pride ourselves with giving the most accurate and up-to-date mailing list of new homeowners. If you’d like to get an effective Direct Mail campaign started for your business, give us a call at (888) 888-5557 or Contact us via the web.