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New Homeowners Mailing List Is Your Starting Point In 2023

New Survey Reveals Direct Mail and Mailing Lists Insights A study conducted by Lob, a market leader in automation of Direct Mail printing and fulfillment,  reveals a lot of priceless insights about where Direct Mail and therefore Consumer Mailing Lists are headed in 2023 and beyond. The study evaluates both the side of businesses marketing […]

Why Your Next Customer Is a New Homeowner

Spending habits – You should care The past few years have seen a dramatic rise in home buying and new home constructions, according to the National Association of Realtors. Homeowners Marketing offers your business to rip the benefit of the housing market boom (following the big crisis of 2007). We help businesses find new customers […]

New Homeowners – A Great Source for Remodeling Leads

New homeowners offer a great source of remodeling leads During the boom, Sherman Webb was busy remodeling hotels. Once everything went south, we reinvented ourselves, says Webb, whose Dawg Construction, in North Hollywood, Calif., began to focus on residential projects. To find good prospects, Webb turned to Homeowners Marketing Services, which specializes in new-homeowner lists. […]

25% of New Homeowners Make for Great Remodeling leads

25% of New Homeowners Remodel Kitchens and Baths. Fact! Buyers of old homes will remodel the kitchen and bath more than any other rooms in the house. 28% of new homeowners will replace and install tile and stone.This is a perfect audience to reach while they are loaded with credit.To get the freshest weekly data […]

Target New Homeowner Leads By Mail

Homeowners Marketing Services will supply you with 100% of the new homeowners in your area, days after closing escrow on their home. We deliver weekly mailing lists proven to be the most reliable, successful and cost effective way for businesses like yours to grow – despite the recession. Reaching new homeowner leads is a proven […]

Subscribe To The Best New Homeowner Mailing List

Our fast weekly new homeowner mailing list allows you to: Welcome New Homeowners to the neighborhood and introduce your products and services Quickly contact qualified leads who have great excellent credit and are ready to buy Beat the competition to new customers Drive response with relevant incentives and discounts To get your free information packet […]

New Movers Survey – USA

Epsilon, a data firm, recently released the results of the 2015 New Mover Report, which looks at consumers’ reasons for moving and associated purchase behaviors. The custom research surveyed 963 households that had recently moved to uncover several themes essential to every marketer’s strategic plan to target new movers. Past research has shown that a […]

Most Common And Costliest Homeowner Claims

If you’re an insurance agent, selling quality insurance products to homeowners, movers and renters – you must be asking yourself – is the statistic I “got a feel for” really the big picture of what insurance concerns trouble my target audience. So while you are dialing Homeowners Marketing Services to get in front of these […]

Housing Market; Marketing to New Homeowners

A decade after the onset of the Great Recession, the national housing market is finally returning to normal. With incomes rising and household growth strengthening, the housing sector is poised to become an important engine of economic growth. But not all households and not all markets are thriving, and affordability pressures remain near record levels. […]