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More New Homeowners Pay In Cash

Cash sales are one the rise in the competitive housing market, significantly above historic levels, according to Freddie Mac’s monthly Outlook for August. Mortgage origination is decreasing due to the increase in cash sales, the report showed. While not popular among home buyers, the highly competitive market is driving more buyers toward cash sales. “Usually, … Read more

What Is Direct Mail Marketing? Why Is It Good For Business?

What Is Direct Mail Marketing Anyone with a mailbox receives some type of Direct Mail Marketing — be it a 15-percent-off coupon for Kohl’s or Macy’s sent exclusively to store credit-card holders, or a mailing from a local real-estate broker informing you of the current market value of your home. Some other direct mail marketing … Read more

Choosing The Best Mailing List

Most businesses, small or large, use Direct Marketing every day to reach and acquire new customers. Choosing the best Mailing List for a campaign is critical to your success. Learn how to better chose your Mailing List and you’ll guarantee that it reaches the right person at the right time. Then, all that remains is … Read more