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Direct Mail Proves Successful During The Pandemic

You’ve probably reevaluated your marketing strategies since the beginning of the pandemic. After all, consumer buying has changed quite a bit. As we move into the next “new normal” phase, then, be sure to consider an omnichannel approach that includes direct mail marketing. For many, this begs a specific question: Why emphasize direct mail when […]

Grow Your Business with Direct Mail

Postcards and letters are two of the most popular direct mail marketing methods, and they both have unique benefits that could help you grow your business. If you are looking for a way to find new customers and diversify your marketing strategy, Direct Mail Marketing is something you should seriously consider. Though the advent of […]

Writing a Great Direct Mail Postcard

Every day we talk to business owners, across the country, and hear the same story in different versions. They all want to know how to get more people to respond to their mailings. A key to success is a great postcard or letter. Well, as our experience taught us, it all starts with a great […]

What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

… and its top 5 benefits Direct mail marketing is one of the available vehicles of the Direct Marketing discipline. It is a marketing medium that involves sending printed promotional material to a list of predetermined recipients, also known as “the audience”. The “direct” portion of “direct mail marketing”, comes from the manner in which […]