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You’ve probably reevaluated your marketing strategies since the beginning of the pandemic. After all, consumer buying has changed quite a bit. As we move into the next “new normal” phase, then, be sure to consider an omnichannel approach that includes direct mail marketing.

For many, this begs a specific question: Why emphasize direct mail when you have digital marketing? In an era of heightened social isolation, direct mail matters: People have renewed their excitement for hand-delivered items. And according to recent USPS data, nearly two-thirds of individuals say that letters and cards improve their connection with the outside world. Likewise, around six in 10 consumers place more emotional meaning on a direct mail piece than an email.


All of this means direct mail isn’t just an ascending marketing tactic that guarantees ROI — it’s also a great way to ensure corporate social responsibility. Does this mean there’s a tiff going on between direct mail and digital marketing? Not at all. Yet this is an important reminder that to improve your return on ad spend (or ROAS), you can’t afford to forget any multichannel possibility, including direct mail advertisements.

As research from Omnisend notes, relying on at least three channels for a marketing campaign can translate to 250% improved engagement and increased buyer retention of 90%. In other words, you can drive measurable results by diversifying your direct marketing as much as you would diversify an investment portfolio.

Now more than ever we have various mailing lists that can help you target the right audience at the right time to reach new hot leads and convert them into customers.

It’s at your fingertips. Contact us and let us get you started – it only takes a few weeks to see if it will work for you and you can do it yourself on a shoestring budget with a simple honest offer letter you can print yourself and mail. Don’t let expensive digital ads drain your budget in these hard time – let us show you how it can be done. We are the affordable and effective alternative.

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