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New Movers Make Great Restaurant Leads

Here at Homeowners Marketing Services we’ve been telling businesses big and small that new movers and new homeowners make great leads. We’ve been doing this since the 60’s of the previous century so we know a thing or two. But, it’s always nice when the numbers tell the story even better. When we see major […]

Can Direct Mail Keep More Customers Than Groupon?

Will Social media replace Direct Mail? Consumers have gotten savvier about finding good bargains, so businesses have to work harder to build customer loyalty. Offering them one-time deals doesn’t work anymore. This is true whether you’re using direct mail, email marketing, social marketing or any other channel. Social media had turned people into savvy, well-informed […]

New Movers Survey – USA

Epsilon, a data firm, recently released the results of the 2015 New Mover Report, which looks at consumers’ reasons for moving and associated purchase behaviors. The custom research surveyed 963 households that had recently moved to uncover several themes essential to every marketer’s strategic plan to target new movers. Past research has shown that a […]

Send Direct Mail to New Movers and Earn New Customers

What does Direct Mail have to do with moving? According to a study published by Epsilon in 2016, about 12% of the US population moves each year. They are called “New Movers” upon moving.Approx. 25% of the movers move due to sale of property. This portion of the “New Movers” are “New Homeowners”. New Homeowners […]

Direct Mail Remains a Strong Pizza Marketing Tool

In a landscape where digital and mobile advertising have seemingly made past marketing methods look like old-school relics, many experts argue that direct mail is still very much alive today—thriving, in fact. After all, email inboxes have become more clogged with an endless stream of offers, while mailbox loads have considerably lightened. “Consumers get hundreds […]