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Most marketing Companies don’t understand the meaning of “FRESH” when it comes to new homeowners lists.

Companies claim that they produce the freshest list when in reality their lists are 6 months old or even older! Why would any business want to purchase a stale list like that?

Homeowners Marketing Services is based on helping businesses reach their goal and not just about getting their money. We have been in business in over 45 years and helped over 4500 businesses achieve their goal of not only increasing their sales but gaining prospects that will benefit from their products and services long term.

We only deliver lists that are accurately updated in a fast effective way. We manage this by keying in all new deeds daily so that we are able to deliver them weekly. We are not satisfied until you’re satisfied.

If your business is offering products or services to other businesses, you should contact us todayand get a free sample of our New Business Mailing List. With our New Business Telemarketing List, other businesses have seen as much as 300% increase in the number of new customers they reached and acquired within a short period of time.