Diversify Your Marketing Mix To Reach New Customers

Take a minute to think about your marketing strategy and your marketing mix. Is it working for you as well as you want?

Marketing Mix 101

First off – what is Marketing Mix?

Here’s the legacy definition of marketing mix.

Marketing Mix Diagram
Marketing Mix

Recent History and How it affected Marketing

When the economy went into a tailspin two years ago, many marketers did what they had to do: Cut their spend and focused the few bucks they did have on the cheapest available options; primarily digital channels.

That’s understandable. But now that the economy is showing signs of life, too many are sticking to that strategy, essentially standing on the sidelines as the economic recovery kicks into gear. Or, worse yet, increasing their budgets but not the channels they use to communicate.

If there’s one painful lesson that every investor learned when Wall Street crashed, it’s that you need to diversify. So why haven’t marketers learned that same lesson when it comes to their communications?

Marketing Insights

As a result of this mono-channel approach, the digital world has become increasingly crowded as the average consumer receives 15 to 20 e-mails a day from companies or brands. That’s not good for marketers looking for engaging ways to get their messages in the hands of consumers.

Consider, for example, that the average household receives about 16 pieces of advertising-related mail per week (according to the USPS 2008 Household Diary Study), and you can plainly see the potential that mail offers. Less clutter, an ability to stand out and the ability to ” literally ” put your brand’s best case in the hands of your customer.

Direct Mail – Add to the Mix

Beyond the clutter, there’s simple math that says the more you diversify the communication channels with your customers, the better the impact. A recent study found that 80 percent of consumers rely on more than one channel when making a purchase decision. That makes sense. Most of us need to have multiple interactions with a brand before parting with our hard-earned dollars.

All of this doesn’t mention the inherent advantages of mail, that it can drive your customers to a personalized URL, deliver a QR (quick response) code that links them to a highly targeted message online or even put a sample of your product directly into their hands. Only mail can do all that.

Direct Mail is tactical, dimensional and cuts through the clutter. It gets you noticed. Puts your message or even a sample of your product directly into the hands of your customer. That’s what you want; a chance to make a connection.

Don’t get caught standing on the sidelines as it’s time to get in the game.

Diversify your marketing mix now and you’ll benefit in the long run.

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