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At a time of social, economic and political change, it’s important that every single message you deliver is trusted. Can Direct Mail help improve your business’ perception in the marketplace?

Mail scores very highly in the key components of trust. A personal message delivered direct to someone’s home – like a letter or brochure – is seen as important, confidential and credible. Mail provides reassurance and supports your messages in other channels, increasing trust and driving response.

Conducted in May of 2017 by Royal Mail MarketReach and TNS, the research followed the same model set by studies carried out in 2007 and 2013, allowing shifts in consumer opinion to be tracked over a ten-year period. The surveys looked at how mail makes the recipient feel about the brand that sent it.

Between 2007 and 2017, the percentage of people stating that mail makes them “feel valued” has increased to 70%, compared to only 43% in 2007 and 57% in 2013. 70% also responded that mail also gives them a better impression of the brand.

Direct Mail Survey - Preferred Method of Contact
Direct Mail Survey – Preferred Method of Contact

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In a digital world, where a vast and growing volume of emails are sent every day, the comparative rarity of real-world tangible, physical mail piece has led to it becoming increasingly valued and trusted by consumers. Better yet for marketers, the media can positively impact on the perceived trustworthiness of the communication itself and help to create a more rounded, more believable brand identity.

In the age of fake news, malware and phishing, it may be that a wider, growing unease or “trust fatigue” with digital channels is fueling the increased consumer desire for the trustworthiness and tangibility of mail.

If you are ready to invest about an hour a week in marketing your business via Direct Mail, then you should talk to us. The first step in Direct Mail marketing, is targeting. And we have the perfect list for small and medium businesses.
Instead of sending in masses, we match you with a weekly-updated target audience made of the right people in the right timing for becoming your customers.

New Homeowners represent an ever rising power in the consumer universe. They have just purchased a house (which means they have good income), the are well funded (mortgage), have good credit and if you get to them right as they move in – you get yourself new and loyal customers. Why? Because:

  1. Moving to a new neighborhood means you need to find new service providers for things such as: schools, restaurants, shopping locations, doctors and health providers, pet services & goods, plumbers, contractors and so on and so forth.
    Having moved to a new place, it takes an average of 90 days to settle in on new buying habits. This is when you wish to make yourself known to the New Homeowner, before they find your competition…
  2. They have needs greater than the usual “resident” – having moved into a new property this is the essential time people renovate, remodel, refurnish, buy appliances, etc. etc.

So, when you are ready for success, please give us a call, because we can put you in front of every New Homeowner that moves to your business area, on a weekly basis. Each week you’ll receive the names of those New Homeowners who are new to your area THAT WEEK.

Now it’s just about “go get’em tiger” – print a simple flyer or a fancy postcard – that’s up to you.  Slap our pre-printed peel-N-stick label on it and a stamp – and you’re on your way to making new customers.

How much simpler can success be? Call us to learn more about an affordable marketing solution, proven by over 65,000 customers in over 40 years.