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"Do Not Sell My Information"

List Removal Request Form

Thank you for visiting our website.
You are here, most likely because you found an offer in your mailbox from one of our customers.
We assure you it was sent with nothing but the best intention of serving you. If you were offended by it, in any way, we sincerely apologize. 

“Where Did You Get My Information?”
  • We collect information from public records. We do not collect any private information.
    It is likely we obtained your information after purchasing a home, changing residence, refinancing your home, etc.
  • We share some of this information with local & small businesses in your town as well as national brands, all of whom wish to address your needs and offer your their products and services at prices and terms tailored to your needs and timing (for example; when buying a home).
  • We do not mail directly so if you have reached us, it’s most likely because a company that is using our list had sent you an offer in good faith and in attempt to provide you valuable goods and services.
  • Finding an unsolicited offer in your mailbox can be annoying. We understand your frustration and will do anything we can to make sure you’re removed you from our list.
  • We have no intention of driving unwanted mail your way. For over 40 years we’ve connected consumers like you with “mom-and-pop” stores, local small businesses and even best-in-class national brands in order to bring you the best deals at the just the right timing.
  • In many ways we help reduce the amount of mail consumers get because rather than sending them coupons every week/month like some mailers do, we allow businesses to mail only relevant offers at times when they are relevant. This way we help prevent the “year-round junk mail” phenomenon.
“I Don’t Want These Special Offers By Mail”
  • OK, we understand and respect your wish. To ensure we do not share your information in the future, please fill out and submit the form below. Please make sure to read the “What Should I Expect” section after filling your form!
“How Does It Work? What Should I Expect?”
  • When filling your mailing address and name, please make sure to use the information as it appears, verbatim, on the unwanted direct mail piece that you have received. Filling in any information even slightly differently may result in a failure to locate your information and have it removed.
  • Leaving your phone number is not required and will only be used if we can’t match the information you have submitted to our list. In such event we would like to make the effort and contact you in order to be able to comply with your request.
  • We are not the only ones collecting and sharing mailing list information. As such, consider that you may still get direct mail offers from companies who do not use our services and with whom we have no business. Please understand we cannot control everything that lands in your mailbox.
  • Once we’ve identified your information in our records it will be permanently suppressed, thus making sure it is not shared moving forward.
Thank you for your patience.