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Starting a Marketing Campaign For Your Business

What to Know and What to Expect You Will Learn about the critical first steps to starting a successful marketing campaign The big secret that no one teaches is how to get started with the right assumptions and the right tools. How you prepare for your first marketing campaign has the biggest effect of its … Read more

Making an Effective Mail Piece

In any form of mail marketing, the central piece of your advertising is your mail piece. It tells the recipient what your business is about, and what you are offering. Direct mail marketing has several advantages over e-mail marketing, but those advantages mean nothing if your mail piece cannot effectively send your intended message. With … Read more

Direct Mail Gets Faster Response

In an industry that continually is looking for the next technological advancement to engage consumers, it’s still traditional direct mail that generates the fastest response. According to the latest research from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) consumers are more likely to respond faster to direct mail than email as seen in their infographic: Direct Mail … Read more

Small Business Direct Marketing That Works

A successful business is one that has a marketing plan that works. Contrary to popular opinion, the successful marketing plan does not require multi-million dollar ad campaigns or high powered publicity blitzes. What is required is a new way of advertising to help your business grow. Marketing to New Homeowners has always been a positive … Read more

Direct Mail Marketing – Advice for Small Business

If your business is sending out flyers, postcards or letters to targeted lists such as our New Homeowners list, it is critical to remember that integrating Direct Mail with Online Channels (like Social Media) can highly increase your results and get more customers out of your efforts. Direct Mail – Is It Really Dead? Not … Read more

Direct Mail Works When Marketing to Millennials

Millennials & Mailboxes… Many financial marketers assume that Millennials don’t like, don’t open and don’t read direct mail pieces. Not true. The rise of digital channels has forced financial institutions to radically rethink their marketing strategies. While digital media have proven effective — no doubt — that doesn’t mean other traditional means of marketing no … Read more

Housing Market; Marketing to New Homeowners

A decade after the onset of the Great Recession, the national housing market is finally returning to normal. With incomes rising and household growth strengthening, the housing sector is poised to become an important engine of economic growth. But not all households and not all markets are thriving, and affordability pressures remain near record levels. … Read more