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Direct Marketing Getting A Tad More Expensive

Direct Marketing relies on Direct Mail Campaigns as the most effective channel, with respect to the initial investment (i.e. ROI). But will it also stay the most cost effective, beside most effective, as we look to marketing our businesses in 2018? It’s no secret the USPS has been struggling for quite some time. With that … Read more

Consumers Like Brands Sending Direct Mail

At a time of social, economic and political change, it’s important that every single message you deliver is trusted. Can Direct Mail help improve your business’ perception in the marketplace? Mail scores very highly in the key components of trust. A personal message delivered direct to someone’s home – like a letter or brochure – … Read more

Direct Mail Still Cutting Through Clutter

The debate between traditional and modern is an age-old one. We see it in architecture, fashion trends, and restaurant styles. Opposing sides either lean on the comfortably familiar or are energized and lured by the new, daring techniques. In marketing too, the debate between the traditional and modern rages now more than ever. At its … Read more

Direct Mail Remains a Strong Pizza Marketing Tool

In a landscape where digital and mobile advertising have seemingly made past marketing methods look like old-school relics, many experts argue that direct mail is still very much alive today—thriving, in fact. After all, email inboxes have become more clogged with an endless stream of offers, while mailbox loads have considerably lightened. “Consumers get hundreds … Read more

What Is Direct Mail Marketing? Why Is It Good For Business?

What Is Direct Mail Marketing Anyone with a mailbox receives some type of Direct Mail Marketing — be it a 15-percent-off coupon for Kohl’s or Macy’s sent exclusively to store credit-card holders, or a mailing from a local real-estate broker informing you of the current market value of your home. Some other direct mail marketing … Read more

Google Using Direct Mail To Drive Revenue

When you think of trending marketing strategies, direct mail probably isn’t top of the list, am I right? But then why does GOOGLE — the #1 technology company on the planet — depend on direct mail to drive its crazy-high revenue? You heard right: Google uses DIRECT MAIL to drive its $110 billion revenue UP. … Read more

Direct Mail Is Not Dead

No one really knows how the myth that direct mail is dead started. Maybe it was a bunch of marketers deciding nobody pays attention to the mail anymore. Then, at home, over dinner, one of these marketers starts talking about her day. She tells her rather bored-looking teen if he wants a successful lawn mowing … Read more

Direct Mail Outperforms Email, Study Shows

This study proves that both Direct Mail and Email are alive and well, and that they work best together, albeit, using one of the two only, clearly Direct Mail outperforms Email. Direct Mail in a Modern World The second decade of the twenty first century has seen a major switch from Direct Mail to Email … Read more

10 Direct Mail Tips For Your Business

In the age of online communications, direct mailing is far from antiquated. According to statistics supplied by the Data and Marketing Association (DMA), more than 100 million sales were made in 2016 using catalogs received as part of direct mailing campaigns. Overall, the response rate for direct mailings during the same year was 5.3%. Given … Read more