Direct Mail Marketing – Advice for Small Business

If your business is sending out flyers, postcards or letters to targeted lists such as our New Homeowners list, it is critical to remember that integrating Direct Mail with Online Channels (like Social Media) can highly increase your results and get more customers out of your efforts. Direct Mail – Is It Really Dead? Not … Read more

USPS Now Emails You Pictures of Your Mail

Snail mail gets a digital upgrade. In hopes of making snail mail more convenient, the U.S. Postal Service will begin emailing customers pictures of their mail every morning, the USPS announced Monday. The free Informed Delivery service will snap pictures of the exterior of letters and send them in an email so customers can know … Read more

Grow Your Sales with Affordable Direct Mail

Did you need that one little nudge to make up your mind and start mailing New Homeowners so your business can grow its sales and bring in new customers who just moved in from at least 10-15 miles away and don’t know your business yet?Well, that nudge comes courtesy of the United States Postal Service, … Read more

Direct Mail Works When Marketing to Millennials

Millennials & Mailboxes… Many financial marketers assume that Millennials don’t like, don’t open and don’t read direct mail pieces. Not true. The rise of digital channels has forced financial institutions to radically rethink their marketing strategies. While digital media have proven effective — no doubt — that doesn’t mean other traditional means of marketing no … Read more

Tips for a Successful Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Direct Mail Works … For YOU! According to the USPS (United States Postal Service), back in 2006 over 213 billion (with a “B”) were processed and delivered. We all get mail in our inbox, just like we do email. According to recent statistics, Direct Mail is getting much love from marketers, simply because despite of … Read more